The All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews aims to broaden and deepen connections between Parliament and the UK Jewish community. The APPG on British Jews will promote the vibrancy of UK Jewish life, and also seek to give a host of areas of Jewish interest and concern – religious freedom, Jewish education, Jewish welfare, medical ethics, social activism and interfaith – rigorous professional treatment.

The APPG will be led by its officers, with secretariat support provided by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The Board of Deputies is a 255 year old representative, cross-communal organisation, and is the interface between the UK’s 280,000- plus Jews and the government, media and policy formers.

Until now the only two communal concerns formally represented in this way have been anti-Semitism and Israel, whilst discussions on other issues has been on a more ad hoc basis.

There will also be meetings for communal experts to brief groups of interested MPs and Peers on a specific topic such as Jewish welfare and Jewish schools.

Many of the events of the APPG will be positive in celebratory in nature, and will allow the Jewish community to bring our vibrant cultural life to Westminster.

These meetings will be supplemented by regular newsletters to members of the APPG to allow them to keep abreast of Jewish community news.